10 home remedies for headaches

A throb in the temples or a dull pressure on the cranium - headaches can be a thing all day long. But not everyone likes to grab tablets. First, you can try it with other means.

Tip 1: The headache brake
Simply carry on, as usual, does not lead to the goal. At some point, the pain becomes so boring that it does not work anymore. Better make a break even with smaller signs. Stress namely considered one of the most common triggers. Anyone who manages to drive down in time will also soothe his nerve costume in his head.

Tip 2: To withdraw
Not always is possible, but often it is yet. Look for a retreat to literally free your head again. This can also be a cup of herbal tea in a quieter corner or a time out in the fresh air.

Tip 3: cold or heat donate
An ice pad on the painful area can bring relief. Also, mint oil, Japanese medicinal oil or tiger balm has a cooling effect. It is important to apply it only thinly and not to come into contact with the mucous membranes.

What is the warmth for the other? Some help a warm cherry stone pillow more. In a tension headache and the tendency to tense neck muscles, this may also migrate once in the neck. There, the heat ensures that tense muscles relax and the headache also decreases.

Tip 4: Butterbur antispasmodic
Butterbur is a plant traditional agent whose antispasmodic property is proven by various studies. In migraine therapy, it is even recommended as a multi-month course.

Tip 5: willow bark tea drinking
Willow bark also comes from the plant medicine and contains salicylic compounds. In this way, it forms a herbal counterpart to the aspirin. As a tea poured you can take the active ingredient in small swallows.

Tip 6: Preventive measures
Kicking the headaches frequently, it makes sense to investigate the reasons. This can best be done with the help of a physician and a pain book, in which, in addition to the date and time, the location and the occasion in which the pain occurs is noted.

Tip 7: Something to drink
Sometimes the headache is quite banal back to a lack of fluid. If you drink too little, the blood becomes too thick. The oxygen supply of the cells decreases and the head starts to beat the alarm.

Tip 8: Keep regular mealtimes
Hunger or a sinking blood sugar levels can trigger headaches. Well, headache sufferers are mainly food with a lot of magnesium as contained in whole grain products, legumes, and fish. The mineral provides relaxed muscles and soothes the nerves.

Tip 9: Do you exercise
Swimming, walking, cycling - if you fight more often with a headache, try to exercise more. This helps in stress relief.

Tip 10: Relax
Yoga, self-training or muscle relaxation can help them to escape from the headache hell. They are driving down the stress level.

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