Clinic treats PC addicts

The psychiatric clinic has developed its own therapy branch for people who have lost themselves on the Internet - playing, chatting and in forums.

A false assumption is: Computer only affects juvenile PC-players. In the meantime, however, the behavior of men aged 50 or more in specialist forums and women aged 30 or over when chatting on the Internet are becoming increasingly ill. These disturbances have long been perceived as independent phenomena. "This is still a very researchable topic," says the graduate psychologist. The psychiatric clinic has already reacted and offers a new, special therapy form for computer addicts.

Playing the "gamers" (players) make up the largest share of the PC addicts. The compelling effect is less from "ball games" than from online roll games like "World of Warcraft". In particular, men between the ages of 18 and 30 are affected. "The players take on other identities that evolve over the years and are hardly emerging from this world, which leads to the virtual reality becoming blurred," says psychologist, who directs the new therapy area: "People stand in front of trees and think: Wow, what a great graphic."

Trademarks For men over 50, traders are tempting on the Internet. They are surfing excessively, looking for information on their hobbies, offering themselves help on familiar topics. It is explained, "In cars, for example, pictures of rare models are published. Men are always looking for the cars that are of interest to the forum, and then enjoy their success and the applause they receive from the other users."

More and more women are looking for erotic flirts on the Internet. They are usually middle-aged, but the problem is also observed with 30-year-olds. Your electronic alter ego is younger, more attractive, better built. Known cases where there were real meetings between flirt partners - with the expected disappointment. After such setbacks, women fall far deeper into the isolation of computer communication (chat).

PC addicts in all three groups share the same flaws: too little love, too little recognition, low self-esteem, lack of success in private and professional life. On the Internet, they learn a friendlier, more harmless world. Anonymity is less risky. Unpleasant contracts can be terminated with a pushbutton. Defeats in the game can be transformed into successes by means of permanence and control mechanisms. "For example, you can buy whole identities that others have successfully developed over the years, and virtual weapons for PC games are also offered for up to 1000 euros, payable by credit card.

In therapy, it has made this experience: "People do not come by themselves, they are friends, partners or relatives who are pushing for treatment." In individual and group discussions the affected persons must first open themselves, stand up to their addiction and finally seek ways out of the disease. "You can be abstinent in alcohol, but you can hardly live without a computer," says expert. For this reason, he develops binding plans with his patients, which, if necessary, enter into contracts: what is forbidden, what is permitted, what is allowed only to a very limited extent?

According to expert, according to statistics, of up to 600,000 PC addicts in Europe. At the Clinic, just enough affected people have reported for around. The graduate psychologist says: "The trend is already on the rise, but we do not reach many people because they are so isolated, we hope that our new offer will get more and more courageous.

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