Eight facts about panic disorder

A trigger is not recognizable for outsiders. But those affected overwhelmed a sudden death. Learn more about this phenomenon.

The symptoms of a panic attack
The event is uncontrollable for people with panic disorder. Out of the blue, it is overcome by an attack of strong fear. The body is in absolute alertness and signals this through various complaints to the outside. Heart palpitations, dyspnea, dizziness, hot flashes, as well as pain or congestion in the chest belong to it.

Thus, that affected feel
During a panic attack, sufferers often fear they might die, go mad or completely lose control. The perceived symptoms reach their peak within a few minutes.

Just do not be alone
During a panic attack looking sufferers often help with escorts, call an ambulance or try to escape to a safe place. Most certainly they feel at home most of the time. Often they do not want to be alone.

A disease caused the other
Many sufferers try to anxiety-provoking situations and places to avoid possible entirely. A further disturbance can develop from this avoidance behavior: an agoraphobia - literally translated from Greek - means "fear of open places". It is often associated with a panic disorder. Psychologists now think of the fear of a multitude of situations, which are avoided by the affected ones. These situations are characterized by the fact that an escape might be difficult or embarrassing or that emergency assistance would not be expected in time.

The search for the correct diagnosis
Often takes several years before the disease is diagnosed. This is mainly due to the physical symptoms that accompany the panic attack. Those affected are looking for different specialists to follow these physical symptoms. Often, however, they get nothing but proof of intact physical health. There is often a long search for a disease that might have been overlooked.

Causes of panic disorder
One of the possible causes may be rooted in the genes. A specific enzyme activity is stimulated by the corresponding gene, which leads to the disease being favored.

Particularly endangered are people, who cultivate certain styles of thought - for example, very intensively look at their own body signals.

A high percentage of sufferers reported fatalities shortly before the first occurrence of panic disorder. Even events that are actually positive, but nevertheless exhausting, can trigger the disease.

How do you find out of panic disorder?
Anyone who recognizes the disease and gets help in a professional position has good prospects to deal with panic disorders and agoraphobia.

Help find affected persons with psychotherapists, which help them with a psychotherapy, exactly one cognitive behavior therapy help to deal with anxiety situations differently. In some cases, it may be useful to take supplemental antidepressants.

Usually, however, the behavioral therapy takes place without medication accompaniment.

This is the aim behavioral therapy from
The cognitive behavioral therapy it comes quite rational to question certain paradigms. What can happen if the case "X" or "Y" occurs? In addition, the therapist tries to bring the patient to situations that are very anxious and then go through them until relief and a more relaxed posture are established.

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