First aid in stress

Stress and anxiety around the workplace may promote the development of burnout syndrome. If you are constantly working on the limit, the weekend or a holiday lasting several weeks is often no longer sufficient to replenish your energy reserves. Affected persons - perhaps also with professional help - should think about why they are constantly working more than they do well. We present some tips that can help to not be too much of a hassle. Source: "Men do not cry".

Tip 1: Make sure that you do not withdraw in time more and more from the here and now. Spend time with your friends and family. This refreshes the soul and creates the feeling of not being alone.

Tip 2: Eat up everything not in itself pure. Instead, try to find a way to drain steam. That frees.

Tip 3: Create an energy budget for your work day. Make it clear which tasks are particularly stressful and strenuous for you. Also, consider when you can recharge energy.

Tip 4: Treat yourself to rest. Only those who regularly rest and relax can work effectively. Also, regular food helps to relieve stress.

Tip 5: Also say "No" is allowed. Find out what is really important and start waving. Not all tasks have to be handled by you personally. Think about what tasks you can give to colleagues or employees.

Tip 6: Drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, and caffeine bring only apparent relaxation. In reality, they are stressful for the organism and help you not only do not continue but harm.

Tip 7: Take regular breaks. Also and just on the job.

Tip 8: Use to be your leisure time actively. Think about by what activities you can gain new energy. This can, for example, take a walk, a cinema, and visit good friends ... The objection "But I have anyway no time" does not apply. Because with their favorite activities you fill up energy - much more than you put into it.

To put in a bit of sport every day improves well-being.

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