Five Tips for Nutrition and Dental Consciousness

Anyone who is constantly brushing his teeth with sweet soft drinks or sour fruit scabs sneezes his teeth. You should consider this when healthy teeth are important to you.

Tip 1: critical sugar consumption
It begins with the morning tea or coffee sweetener it just has not or access instead to sweetener. If you do not know where sugar is all around, you cannot choose the sticky sweetness.

Tip 2: Better to have properly sin as continually a bit
As for the result on the scale, it is useless to spread the chocolate over a whole day. In the end, it is quite on the ribs. For the teeth, however, it makes a big difference, whether they get a sugar beet or sugar is repeatedly distributed over the day. The more sugar is absorbed during the day, the more harmful it is for the teeth.

Tip 3: What is glued most harmful
By caramel bonbon, you glued to virtually the bacteria that convert the sugar into acid directly to the tooth. Bananas, honey, caramel, and co. Are far more dangerous than a bar of chocolate because of their adhesive factor.

Tip 4: fruit juices often times leave
In fruit juices slumbers double threat: You are full of fructose and also with acid. This means the double attack on the molten tooth. If you like a glass taste in the mouth should at least rinse with water.

Tip 5: After the fruit only once wait
Acid damages the tooth as well as sugar. Whether citrus fruits, fruit juices or vinegar: the acid contained in it can dissolve the molten tooth. Who now directly to the toothbrush reaches and scrubs, does not do the cleaning tooth substance a good thing but scrubs it away. Therefore, after the acidity, wait half an hour rather than brush your teeth.

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