Health problems of computer gamblers

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for some computer players there is no real offline. But does the majority of the players think about the consequences of their consumption?

A slight pain in the back, tired eyes and slight dizziness. Anyone sitting in front of the computer should not take these symptoms lightly. Because often these little things are the first signs of health problems caused by excessive screen consumption. We show the most important diseases and ailments that can cause excessive gambling on the computer or television.

A migraine - a slight headache and slight nausea, this could be the entry into the migraine look. Frequently, excessive computer use results in the common disease. Above all, the heavy strain of the eyes, due to the constantly changing brightness, contrasts or sizes of texts and images are known triggers of a migraine. A cure is difficult because it is not uncommon to renounce the computer to work. Affected persons suffer mainly from severe headaches, nausea, and insensitivity to light and noise

A backache - Widely used by gamblers are especially back problems. Almost no one had ever had pain in the back by sitting long before the screen. Usually, it is not the sitting, but the way you sit. A wrong posture can even lead to chronic pain.

Tendonitis - Even those cramped on mouse and keyboard works and fingers and wrists take no rest, runs the risk of damage in the form of tendonitis, carry off. This sheath, around the tendon, normally provides a natural protective film and inhibits friction, so the tendons do not wear out. Limitations of agility and extreme pain, accompanied by an inflammation, could accompany any manipulation of the keyboard and mouse.

"Sickness"- No motion sickness in the sense, but a variety, especially players from action-heavy and fast-action games can get in the first-person perspective. Mentioned Motion- or even gaming-sickness recalls symptomatically to normal travel sickness. It is triggered by the fact that the head tries to process the hectic movements of the game world, even though the body itself is sitting motionless. These contradictory stimuli result in a feeling of discomfort or even anxiety.

Online addiction - Very widespread is now especially the online addiction. Hardly noticeable and yet not really recognized as the addiction, nevertheless the same withdrawal symptoms as other addictions. The fact that the addiction has broken out is usually noticed only when it is too late. Nevertheless, the on-line search is now a serious illness, for which there are even some special clinics.

Watch out for PC consumption behavior

To counter the risk of serious consequences, there are a few simple tips and tricks. Above all, it is important to drink enough, to take some breaks, to take care of your attitude and to provide suitable lighting. In a dark room with a bright screen, the eye's maximum leads would have to be done.

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