"Pathological PC and internet use"

Computer consumption is increasing dramatically

On the occasion of the World Games Day on 28th May, doctors and therapists point to increasing numbers of patients among gamers, chapters, and surfers. The doctors warn against an increasing pathological PC and Internet use of teenagers.

"For more and more young people, the fascination of computers is literally limitless and requires targeted therapy," explained the General Hospital Society (AHG), which offers addiction therapy at three hospitals with nationwide 45 locations. In the meantime, an estimated 1.7 percent of all young people are in need of treatment due to excessive PC and Internet use.

According to AHG, there is a morbid disorder if the computer is used outside of school and work daily 4.5 hours or more. Some people spent up to 50 hours without interruption or 100 hours per week in front of the screen.

As a result, in addition to mental disorders, physical problems, social withdrawal and economic ruin threatened. Especially timid and fearful people tended to escape into virtual reality, according to the doctors.

The reasons for this are manifold and individual. Therapy experience shows, however, that timid and anxious people tend to do so, but also impaired living conditions or social exclusion favor flight into virtual reality and a need for treatment.

Support now offers outpatient contact points, first self-help groups or Internet forums. The "pathological PC and Internet use" still lacks recognition as a disease.

Nevertheless, three clinics of the AHG - with a total of 45 locations one of the nationwide largest providers in addiction therapy and psychosomatic medicine - closed the stationary therapies one year ago.

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