Refuel with a few breathing exercises

Proper breathing, as a flash relaxation method, is one of the ways to re-energize stress-stricken people. With these exercises, you can breathe again. When we deeply in and out, we use our entire lung volume. In the case of deep breathing, our diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen, is used. With a deep abdominal breathing, we can maximally develop the lungs and thus absorb abundant oxygen.

Deep abdominal breathing
With the abdominal breathing, we will take a lot more oxygen than when we stay in the shallow chest breathing. To get a conscious feeling for this relaxing breathing, sit upright on a chair. If necessary, you can also learn. You can also do this exercise while lying down. To relieve the back, you can put a gymnastics ball under your calves so that they lie in stepped bearings. Then, loosely place your hands on your stomach. Then concentrate on your own breath. Breathe in and be sure that when breathing the belly forwardly arches.

Proper breathing rhythm find
To find its own breathing rhythm, it may be helpful to count on inspiration or two and the counting rhythm to make longer during exhalation - for example, to three. Always stay at this rhythm and count them quietly in your head. After a while, you breathe fully and automatically at the same intervals.

Drop shoulders
Take over the day, daily get to know that you do not pull your shoulders. In tension, we do this frequently and breathe so with clamped belly. If you notice it, breathe consciously through the nose into the belly and drop the shoulders down.

Sigh breathe
With the abdominal breathing, you take a deep air. By exhale, imagine that you everything you loaded exhales. Everything consumed, everything negative disappears with the exhalation. You can also connect this with a shocked sigh. This often intensifies the relieving feeling.

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