Seven tips for the perfect stress relief on vacation

Tip 1: Join the holiday!
Even if it is still a few weeks, anticipation is known to be the most beautiful joy. Choose your holiday. Treat yourself to a travel book from the dream region, where you will spend the free days. Browse through a glass of wine by a guide. The holiday begins in the head.

Tip 2: Do not start your holiday from the desk!
It was packed with the morning before, now quickly to the office and then into the plane. - So it cannot work. A car you also get immediately of 100 kilometers per hour in the state. Take the best one day before the holiday starts already free. So there is enough time to think about the theme of time out, pack suitcases and do the last things.

Tip 3: Take a look at some rules!
If the last sentence to the colleague is "And if what is, I have the cell phone with", then forget your holiday. You want to recover and that is only a matter of distance from the things that are otherwise on your shoulders. If it does not go without Internet and availability on a cell, you set fixed times for this. Even if it is difficult: Hold by!

Tip 4: Give yourself time to get down!
If you always get full throttle, you cannot get so clear with a standstill. Starting from a huge project in a pure beach holiday usually, does not work. Take small occupations. A small visit to the museum, a relaxed bike ride or a long walk and take the time to go down.

Tip 5: Keep the "Slow-down-Tempo" on!
Keep some of the hard-worked relaxation and do not turn back fully. Plan your next time out, which you can look forward to. It does not always have to be a huge holiday. Even a weekend in other surroundings helps to refuel consciously.

Tip 6: Do not wait until the next break when you are completely exhausted!
If you're going on holiday, if you cannot go anymore, it's too late. Stay aware of yourself and pay attention to signs of internal tension. If it was particularly stressful on the job, then you can indulge in an intermediate pause for refueling.

Tip 7: Use leisure time and weekend breaks and shutdowns!
Leisure is called "free time". Do not plan every minute even outside of the holidays. They also need weekends where you may just be lazy. It is no coincidence that the number of mental illnesses increases. Job and leisure are increasingly linked. Really switch the mobile phone off, many do not trust themselves anymore.

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