Stress is the most frequent cause of headaches

Many people feel pressure every day. The constant load often leads to headaches, as a recent survey reveals. One sex is particularly affected. Every second headache patient is suffering from a stress. "Stress is the most common cause of headaches," said health insurance, citing the survey, especially women. In addition to overloading in work or family day, also weather fluctuations played a role for 46 per cent of those concerned. Almost one in ten said it hammered or poached at least once a week in the head, nine percent of the respondents suffer several times a month. 32 percent, on the other hand, said they never had a headache. Almost one in five (19 per cent) of pain patients feel severely or severely impaired in their abilities and in their everyday lives, while a further 32 percent consider themselves to be moderately impaired. The fund had commissioned the representative Forsa survey among 1000 people over 14 years.

Seniors have less headache
Stress is particularly common among the 30- to 59-year-olds, while 56% consider tension to be the main cause. For the comparison: over 60-year-olds are only 37 percent. "At all, people over the age of 60 are much less likely to suffer from headaches," they said. "53 percent of this age group is never pain, whereas in the 14 to 44 age group it is only 19 percent of respondents." As a reason, the fund sees the stronger challenges in the profession among the younger ones. That woman is more likely than men to blame for their pain (56 versus 43 percent), health is due to the frequent double burden with job and family. Other causes of a headache were the lack of fluids (34 percent) and sleep deficits (25 percent) and alcohol (10 percent). As an emergency aid against the pain, most attack painkillers or go to fresh air. "Headaches should never be taken more than ten days a month and no longer than three days in a row, otherwise there will be a permanent headache," warns the cashier.

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