Study: More diseases and deaths due to climate change

Health problems and even deaths are likely, according to the surveys as a result of climate change increase.

The expected until the end of the 21st-century rise of heat waves could lead to an increased incidence of health problems, according to a response from the Federal Ministry of Health on a request of the Greens parliamentary group. It was presented to the Press Agency, first quoted from it.

The ministry refers, among other things, to a recent study by the Weather Service (DWD), according to which longer lasting periods of heat stress could lead to an increase in mortality. "Even in the first decade of the century, the number of deaths during heat waves due to coronary heart disease increased," the government said. Oxygen is absent from the heart because of obstructed blood vessels, and a part of the heart's muscles dies.

By the end of the century, the DWD expected "with a factor of 3 to 5 increased death rate". In its collection of regional climate models, the DWD is based on an official greenhouse gas scenario by the Unclip- mate IPCC.

Immediately, heat cramps, power, exhaustion and heat stroke could increase, according to the Ministry, referring to the Institute. The development could particularly create people with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. Among other things, the skin cancer risk could also rise.

MEAL MEPs demanded, among other things, more health research related to climate change as well as greater awareness of risk groups. The forecasts also showed the importance of the success of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. In December, a world climate change agreement is to be agreed here.

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