The most important thing about yoga

What is Yoga? Can anyone do yoga? How do I find the appropriate Yoga course? Many questions are at the beginning. Here you will find answers.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a part of traditional Indian healing, the Ayurveda. In the west, this approximately 2000-year-old teaching has been known since 1900. It involves various mental and physical exercises. Yoga is available in many forms and expressions. Hatha yoga is the most practiced form here. The main focus is on physical activity, conscious breathing, and meditation. The focus is on the physical exercises.

What can I do with yoga for my health?
By practicing regularly you can relieve stress and find relaxation. Yoga also has a positive effect on stress-related disorders such as hypertension, stomach discomfort or headaches. It promotes concentration and brings balance. Through the exercises the mobility is improved, ligaments and tendons are stretched, the muscles are better circulated, tensions are released and the organs and glands are stimulated. Also, the metabolism benefits from the yoga exercises.

Can anyone do yoga?
Basically yes. However, there are diseases that make modifications of some exercises necessary. For this reason, it is useful to speak with your doctor before accepting an offer and starting a course. He will be able to tell you, above all, if there are chronic diseases, whether yoga is right for you. In addition, it is important to talk with the yoga teacher in advance about possible illnesses. This way he can approach you individually and offer you alternative exercises. This is necessary, for example, in cases of hypertension, dyspepsia, back or joint problems as well as thyroid diseases.

How to learn yoga?
The market is flooded with books that explain the different teachings and introduce individual exercises. However, by using a book, you should not learn yoga. It is important to exercise your body exercises properly, if necessary, to have corrective instructions so that there is no physical damage due to incorrect posture and stress. This can only be taught by an experienced trainer in a course. In addition, he can react correctly to diseases of the holding apparatus and modify exercises for you individually. In order to visualize what is learned at home and recall it, yoga books can certainly help.

Where can I find the appropriate Yoga course for me?
You should then select your trainer, which will give you a personal focus. If you are concerned primarily with physical fitness and health aspects, the courses offered by health insurance companies are certainly not a bad choice. Often they are also subsidized by your health insurance as preventive offers. Also in physiotherapeutic practices, health centers or fitness studios you can find courses that are financially subsidized by the funds. Inquire before the beginning of the course. Also, colleges and family training centers offer yoga courses. If you are looking for the spiritual way and want to penetrate deeply into philosophy, you should seek guidance in a yoga center or with private teachers.

How do I recognize a good yoga teacher?
Since the name "Yoga teacher" is not protected by law, the occupation registrar has set minimum requirements for training. After four years of training, in which they also acquire medical and psychological knowledge, the graduates can name "Yoga teacher" with a certificate.

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