Overnight sleep study (polysomnography)

Polysomnography - the "gold standard" diagnosis of SLEEP DISORDERS such as sleep disorder or hypersomnia. Polysomnography allows to assess the functioning of the BODYduring sleep, and identify the probable cause of the unwellness. The SURVEY takes place at the clinic / somnological laboratory.

How to steel oneself against polysomnographic examination the day before?
• Your day should take place as was common.
• Do not sleep during the day.
• Do not drink beverages containing caffeine when lunch.
• Do not use hair styling products - because the Electrodes square measure applied to the surface of the top, because of the varnish or gel recording signal will get incorrect.
• Consult with your doctor whether you would like to require your medications on the day of the survey.

What to bring? In most cases, you need to be within the work regarding eight hours before. Take comfortable pajamas and everyone that you just have to be compelled to perform the standard actions before a time of day (toothbrush and dentifrice, cream, a book). If necessary, take medication (check with your doctor and also the laboratory staff).

How can the preparation for the study? The worker work can conduct a poll on however you always SLEEP, perhaps you can fill out a brief form. Then you can modification garments and steel oneself against SLEEP. Then the technician will place the electrodes and connect the necessary sensors - {they square measure|they're} either affixed to the skin or are hooked up by straps. If you are allergic to any adhesives, tell the technologist. Ask the knowledgeable any queries relating to the study, anxious. Let them know if you would like to be woken up at an exact time. When the sensors square measure put in, you can browse or watch TV till you go to sleep. If necessary, at night you'll rise to travel to the lavatory. The bathroom includes a camera - whereas you sleep, the technologist can look you and is ready at any time to return if you would like to facilitate or some detector doesn't work.

What is measured during the study?
• brain activity
• Breath
• HEART rate
• oxygen saturation
• Movement of limbs

What if you can not SLEEP? It looks to couple various hooked up sensors is incredibly troublesome, but the majority of patients get sleep REQUIREDfor the identification of the time. In some cases, you can write a sleeping capsule.

Why is the study using the CPAP-device? In most cases, the doctor refers the patient to the polysomnographic examination in order to detect such diseases as impeding sleep disorder.

Obstructive symptom|apnea|sleep disorder} - a sleep apnea wherever the airways overlap and stop the flow of air into the lungs. The most effective treatment for the obstructive sleep disorder is out and away the CPAP-therapy. The closing of the throat tissue is prevented by pumping air into the airways. There are many varieties of CPAP devices, in addition, each patient wants to obtain a mask and therapeutic pressure setting. Selection of the unit will be started throughout the night polysomnography. This design is referred to as "a study of the kind of split the night» (split-night). During the initial half, the night human assesses, however, you breathe throughout sleep. Then he puts on the mask you connected to the CPAP-device. Rest of the night you sleep, using the device. Estimating the parameters respiratory specialist selects the optimum settings for you to healing.

What happens after the test? In the morning human can take away all electrodes and sensors, and you can get back. The data recorded throughout the survey will be studied And understood by a knowledgeable. It may take from many days to every week. After transmission of the results of the doctor to refer you to the polysomnography, he will discuss with you the results and also the strategy for any treatment.

SLEEP DISORDERS - this is serious, please take good care.

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