Sunburn or tanning addiction as a disease

Quite often you'll meet folks, mostly ladies, with the unnaturally brown tan. In the summer they spend hours lying on the beach, ensuring a chocolate color, and in winter are regular guests to the room. Unfortunately, such a passion for tanning can develop into a true illness.

“Tanning addiction - is a painful urge to tan, moreover, it does not depend on the time of year.”

Who is affected by tanning addiction
To a large extent, it inclined in young women aged thirteen to seventeen years. You can meet few mature, older women, associate degree sometimes men with such an unhealthy passion for tanning.

Unfortunately, doctor’s warnings about the dangers of actinic ray rays, they do not listen. This especially and actively develops the proliferation of solarium, when not experiencing difficulties, for a fee; you can maintain a homogeneous tan.
At that time, doctors from different countries ar sounding the alarm, as a result, an of-of growing proportion of carcinoma patients, many teenagers and adults continue to actively use the room. Moreover, most of them feel self-doubt once their skin starts to flip pale. Someone room helps to relax. In winter, people feel a lack of daylight and warmth, and artificial rays supposedly facilitate them to fill this gap. Some are even willing to pay the last cash in order to take care of tan.

Previously, this problem did not arise. People simply did not listen to the long absence of the sun. And with the advent of tanning salons and fashion bronze color, young girls began to actively imitate models from the pages of shiny magazines and on tv.
In some countries, the fight against tanning addiction started the legislative level. Thus, in the UK country Medical Association unitedly with the Institute of Cancer analysis has achieved a ban on the room to persons beneath sixteen years mature. In Australia, where the proportion of deaths from carcinoma is one amongst the very best, the president of the Australian National Committee of dermatological believes that such a passion to sunburn happens due to low awareness among the population regarding the implications.

What are the signs of tanning addiction?
Many of North American country within the summer try and use our spare time to urge to the beach and take in the sun. During the vacation at the seaboard, wear actively sunbathing to with pride show our colleagues bronze tan.

“When this need is in the ultraviolet becomes manic? however to not cross the line?”

With the onset of summer or at any time, even during the lunch break, try to get on the road, namely the sun. And they fuck not with a view to relish the nice weather and unwind, but for each minute "to pay with benefit" for your coloring.

On vacation, you are making an attempt to perpetually get on the beach, even in the lunch hours, when the sun exposure is contraindicated. You are not terrified of dangerous health and medical warnings. But folks UN agency suffer from this addiction, often think about themselves to be pale and tanned enough. It is a psychological disorder, addiction, for the treatment of which usually would like professional to facilitate.

If you consider yourself to be lovers of chocolate skin tone, then visit a room courses lie in the solarium by the foundations. It is advisable to try to no quite 5-6 visits a year. In the summer, being on the beach, prepare your skin to tan gradually and be certain to use the ointment. Otherwise, you risk burns and more serious consequences. Remember that in all you would like to understand once to prevent.

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