The phenomenon of longevity - is the nature of the experiment delivered

Technical Museum in conjunction with the Charitable Foundation to support analysis "Science for Life Extension" CONTINUES the series of lectures "Aging - not a sentence. Opportunities to extend the science of life. "

Today's lecture "Centenarians: experiment posed by nature. Lessons for the Future "devoted to the phenomenon of long-livers. Lecturers: fellow at the Center for Research on Aging at the University of Chicago, Leonid and Natalia Gavrilova.

The main area of ​​research of Gavrilovyh - seek for LONGEVITY factors acting early in life. Many of these factors are modified, so their identification could truly facilitate the development of actions that increase the human period. For example, the probability of young men United Nations agency have the dense body, to live to 100 years is significantly lower compared with their peers United Nations agency have the skinny or traditional physique.

Several factors will solely be modified in the designing of the child's birth. One such factor was the age of the mother at the birth of the child: the probabilities of individuals born to young mothers (20-25 years) to measure to 100 years, almost double the odds for those individuals born to older mothers. Currently, researchers have begun a large-scale project on the study of LONGEVITY in u. s., which can permit additional detail to clarify the influence of living conditions in childhood, adolescence and middle age on attaining the age of remarkable longevity (100 years).

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