The reasons for longevity: it affects the human lifespan

In a SURVEY of several hundred people that have lived to be 100 years previous, they revealed some common options of their means of life. According to centenarians themselves, all their lives they have anyway, consciously or not, but observe the following rules ...

A HEALTHY lifestyle in terms of longevity:

- All the time to be engaged in business,

- Adhere to the principle of moderation in all things,

- There is a simple and easy food,

- Find a heap of enjoyment in life,

- Go to bed early and rose early,

- Be free from feelings of anxiety and fear, including concern of death,

- To have a transparent mind, to try to be cheap to believe ...

But there area unit several examples of individuals leading a HEALTHY life died at a fairly young age. Conversely, sometimes among the oldest found serious smokers and drinkers. So, for reasons of longevity is something quite mere compliance with the principles of a HEALTHY style.

Maybe the whole factor in 'hot spots of longevity "- has isolated areas during which the foremost common long-livers are!
For example, in Abkhazia, about 3 p.c of the population is aged over a hundred years. A similar situation exists within the Andes.

Naturally, the environmental conditions in areas of human habitation are quite favorable. Lack of industrial emissions, clean mountain air, an abundance of healthy, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. In addition, the cultural practices of these peoples supported a positive attitude to life, respect for fellow citizens (tribesmen). therefore it is quite definite to mention that positive emotions area unit very important for human health.

Of course, favorable environmental conditions, positive emotions, and positive attitude, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will contribute to AN increase in human LONGEVITY. But trendy students believe that the most vital for all times because it is fatal as it may sound, a role played by human genes. That is why centenarians often area unit members of one family.

This favorable heredity is a clarification of some individuals, leading a healthy lifestyle, do not live to retirement age, while others, abusing alcohol and tobacco, live long enough. Under favorable heredity scientists perceive the absence of "bad genes" in an individual that increase the danger of diseases. Therefore, it is heredity that's the most factor touching the human lifetime.

Favorite professions of centenarians
In another study, having a sociological character, it turned out that lifespan in a point associated with the professional activities of man. According to sociologists, some professions helps to preserve youthfulness. Among centenarians often meet representatives of such professions as a conductor, philosopher, artist and priest.

And what is the limit of the lifetime of modern man?
There are several legends, myths of the heroes of the past, who were known for their longevity. But these tales virtually definitely ought to not be believed. It is possible that several known centenarians past centuries existed essentially, and they are extremely proverbial for his or her desirable longevity. But the life expectancy of those individuals, as WELL because the reasons for his or her longevity cannot be taken as a longtime fact based mostly solely on stories and legends of antiquity.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest life expectancy was recorded in France. Jeanne Louise Calma lived 122 years. Almost as several (120 years) lived Shigechio Japanese Izumi. But even although the believability of this assortment of statistics, there are several examples of LONGER LIFE confirmed directly or indirectly.

And how do the common person will expect to measure on condition of a HEALTHY style and alternative favorable circumstances of his life? At the time, our scholars talked regarding a hundred and sixty years. Professor of Anatomy, the University of California L.Heyflik in the study of human longevity issue came to the conclusion that the upper limit for the trendy average person is a hundred and fifteen years previous. And the root explanation for aging is linked to the surcease of growth of the organism.

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