Vitamins and their role in human life

What are vitamins?
Vitamins - area unit substances that are necessary for the correct operation of all systems of the human organism. Vitamins play a most important role in human life. Most of them are found in food. Just vitamins take Associate in Nursing active half within the method of METABOLISM, so their lack of adverse impact on the state of health of the person, and in some cases even lead to diseases - beriberi. For the normal life, an adult wants vitamins A, B1, B2, C and PP. All the vitamins in the process of impact on the build area unit in shut regard to each other, which means that that the death of 1 will disturb the right action of others. That's why one ought to not underestimate the role of vitamins in human life. Let us take into account the most form of vitamins and their role in the build

Vitamin A
With a lack of antiophthalmic factor may be developed day-blindness - a disease popularly referred to as "night blindness". It is expressed in the undeniable fact that the human eye becomes unable to perceive and properly reply to the degree of illumination of objects. A person with the visual disorder, normally sees solely in the afternoon, in the evening he sees very dangerous distinguish close objects, and at night can see nearly nothing. The absence of dietary vitamin A may additionally result in the secretion membranes of the abdomen, intestines, and other organs. The pure vitamin A is contained within the fixings, dairy merchandise, fish liver, and animals. Carrots, tomatoes and green vegetable area unit composed of carotene, which the human BODY will convert into antiophthalmic factor. In a day we must always eat 2 milligrams of the nutrition. It is especially necessary for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers. The first daily demand of antiophthalmic factor ought to be four mg, and for the latter, respectively, at least 5 milligrams.

Vitamin B1
Lack of vitamin B1 within the DIET causes injury to the systema nervosum, disrupts the normal functioning of the channel and neuro-muscular equipment. In some cases, people have a decrease inappetence and having pain in the calf muscles.
Vitamin B1 is found in meat, nuts, and various grains. The daily norm of this vitamin for youngsters underneath the age of fourteen ought to be one.0-1.5 milligrams, and for teens and adults - 2 milligrams. People engaged in significant physical labor, as well as pregnant women, ought to consume two.5 milligrams of nutrition B1 per day. For nursing mothers, the rate rises to three milligrams.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 could be a part of the catalyst that affects several necessary life processes of the build. Its deficiency leads to the full breakdown of all systems. Mostly nutrition B2 contained in beef liver and yeast. It is also the gift in albumen, meat, cheese, butter, green onions, peas, and spinach. The day a person must receive a minimum of two milligrams of the nutrition.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has additionally spoken as vitamin C. Its deficiency in the body causes the variety of disease states: augmented pulse, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, and as a result - reduced efficiency. In the absence of ascorbic acid, the build ceases to resist various infections. The high content of ascorbic acid may be found in several fresh vegetables, fruits and berries: radishes, lettuce, cabbage, kiwi, citrus and black currant. As under the influence of high temperatures and in contact with copper and iron, Vitamin C may be destroyed.

In the cooking method, observe the following rules:
1. Do not leave the peeled and sliced vegetables or fruits for an extended time within the exterior or within the WATER;
2. Do not use utensils for cooking vegetables with a broken surface;
3. Load the only vegetables in boiling water or let their DIGESTION;
4. Do not use the meat grinder or a metal sieve for the preparation of mashed potatoes. It is better to require a wood pestle, and in extreme cases - a spoon.
5. Eat vegetable soups not later than 1.0-1.5 hours when the change of state. The daily requirement of nutrition C for the common person should be fifty milligrams per day. For people engaged in laborious work, this rate increases to 75-100 milligrams. For children underneath seven years is enough 30-35 milligrams of vitamin C per day.

Vitamin PP
Lack of vitamin PP might cause serious malady - maidism. The first signs of the illness area unit excessive secernment, burning sensation in the mouth, bowel disorder. Then, on the neck, hands and feet appear red spots, the skin becomes coarse and rough. The person suffers from insomnia, memory loss, there is a way of apathy and indifference. The sources of vitamin PP area unit merchandise such as meat, liver, herring, and yeast. To eliminate the disease maidism, a man should consume enough of nutrition PP, around 15-25 milligrams per day. Compensate for the dearth of vitamins within the DIET can help out with the assistance of a range of medication, which in giant quantities area unit made by a fashionable pharmaceutical business. It is important to use them in strict compliance with the dose indicated on the packaging or within the manual. As we see the role of vitamins in human life is not the last role.

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